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Wild Bird's Unlimited in Palos Park Il. is your source for the finest, freshest bird food and the best selection of high-quality bird feeders. Our bird seed is blended for our area only, making sure you have no filler seed - that our birds won't eat - germinating under your feeders.  Our Nyjer/Thistle seed is priced to beat even the big box stores. Ask us about the worlds best hummingbird feeder - no drips, no ants, no wasps.   We also offer decorative bird houses, bird baths and unique nature and garden gifts! We bring people and nature together. . . and we do it with excellence.  Our staff (Liz, Linda, Rick, Maria, John, Will & Josh) loves nature as much as you do and they can solve many problems you may have with bird feeding.  Squirrels getting into your feeders?  No problem!  We offer squirrel-proof feeders and squirrel resistant bird food.  This store is family owned - by Bill & Denise Allaway until 2014 and now owned by Mel & Laura Tracy (Bill & Denise's daughter).  You may also meet Mel & Laura's son Will and their dog Sadie.  Take a virtual stroll through our store.